Open-source Pinewood Derby race management, built around a web server and database

Sample Screenshots

The Race Dashboard gives you an overview of what's going on in your event and lets you control all the racing action.

The Check-In page lets you mark the racers who've passed inspection. There's also support for making modifications and capturing pictures of the racer or their car (or both!).

Photo Editing
Crop captured photos, and connect racers with their pictures, in the Photo Editing page.

Main Display

While heats are running, the main "Now Racing" display tells the audience who's racing, and the outcome of each heat.

Combined with the new Instant Replay feature, the crowd gets the whole story for every heat.

"On-Deck" Display

The "On Deck" display presents the racing schedule for the current round. As each heat completes, the next heat highlights while the recorded times for the just-concluded heat is shown.

As much as your audience will appreciate the "On Deck" display, providing the car wrangler with the "On Deck" display on a tablet will all but ensure a smooth-running. If you have car photos, they're displayed for the two upcoming heats, making the wrangler's job that much easier.

Results by Racer
The "Results by Racer" display shows the recorded times for each racer, and updates as each new heat completes.

Award Presentation
Put the "Award Presentation" display on your projector when it's time to hand out the trophies. The audience sees the award category alone until you click the reveal button, then the recipient's name, car number and photos appears, followed by the celebratory confetti.