Open-source Pinewood Derby race management, built around a web server and database

DerbyNet: Open-Source Pinewood Derby race management software

DerbyNet is the new standard in race management software for Pinewood Derby events. It's free, and it's open source. With DerbyNet, multiple browsers connect to a web server running on your laptop or in the cloud.

If you're still using something else, you, and your audience, are missing out!

A typical deployment might have:

Comprehensive Features

DerbyNet is:

DerbyNet offers a wide range of features and capabilities, many not found elsewhere:

Supported Timers

DerbyNet supports the following popular pinewood derby timers:

DerbyNet Runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi

The heart of DerbyNet is implemented as a standards-compliant web server, which you can host on nearly any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, or Raspberry Pi). We provide step-by-step directions for setting up your web server (see the Builds & Documentation link at the top of the page).

Once the web server is set up, you can use anything that supports a browser (laptops, tablets, smart TVs) to connect to the server and display or manipulate (with passwords) the data.

DerbyNet has been "battle tested," having been used to run both pack and district events in standalone configuration, as in other events as a supplement to GPRM.

Use DerbyNet Alone, or Combine with GrandPrix Race Manager

Although DerbyNet is a full-featured race management system on its own, if you already use GrandPrix Race Manager (Pro or Lite or whatever), DerbyNet can connect to the same database used by GPRM. That means you can adopt DerbyNet to provide enhanced features (remote displays, etc.) while continuing to use your existing GPRM installation. (Please note that DerbyNet is not endorsed or supported by Lisano Enterprises, LLC., the makers of GrandPrix Race Manager. Don't confuse DerbyNet with the commercial GPRM product, "DerbyWeb.")